"I'm too fat." The words escaped my lips as I stood in front of the mirror trying on a plus size bathing suit that happened to be a super cute two piece. Similar sentiments were echoed by my bestie in the changing room beside me about her own bathing suit try on session.  

Feeling defeated, we both hung up the bathing suits and left the store.  

I know I am not alone in this issue. I am going to jump out on a limb and assume many of you reading this have found yourself standing in front of a mirror with the plus size bathing suit on and muttering the exact same words. It is an issue that transcends gender, shape, and size. Yes, I said gender too – men struggle with body issues as well. 

plus size bathing suit

My friend Angela wearing a Curves with Purpose two piece suit.

The truth is I want to love myself in a cute two piece and sexy one-piece. I truly do. But every message I see on mainstream media pushes the idea that my body type isn't good enough.  

At Curves with Purpose, we talk a lot about being on a journey – whether it is life, relationships, career, fashion, etc. For me, my journey is to develop more self-love. A lot of us struggle on this journey and it doesn't happen overnight but is a process that begins every single moment we decide to embrace our curves and love ourselves. 

I constantly remind myself that my body is capable of so much more than I give it credit for. 

So, it begs to ask the question, am I too fat to wear a bathing suit?  

No, I am not. And you aren't either.  

When we begin to shift our perspective, our whole being changes too. How we physically see ourselves evolves into a deep love and that is expressed in everything we do, how we live our lives, how we love others, how we treat others, it all circles back to how we determine our self-worth.  

As part of this journey I am on, learning to embrace and love my body AND claim my fierceness, I am challenging myself to try on all the pretty plus size bathing suits until I find what makes me feel bold and confident. 

Will you join me? #bathingsuitchallenge 

Will I ever be daring enough to strut around in thong? Probably not, but I can still find something that makes me feel like a sexy goddess that I long to be when lounging pool side. I may have to try this adorable one-piece on at the Curves with Purpose Summer Pop-Up Shop at The Mall at Green Hills. I swear it makes "the girls" look amazing on all the women I have seen try it on! 

plus size bathing suit

Love the plus size bathing suit Angela is rocking? Check it out here


Written by @davisfinn

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