To say that clothing plays a monumental part in our lives is an understatement. From the very first outfit your parents chose to bring you home in, to picking the perfect dress to say "I do" in, we are intent upon creating memories and making bold statements centered around the clothing that tells the world our own personal story. Nothing can quite empower us like clothing can, or make us feel confident and strong in, or evoke a boldness that we never thought we could achieve before, except, maybe, for the women themselves that wear the clothes. 

Our history is chock-full of influential women that have helped shape the narrative for generations to come. These women ignited the change that has impacted all of us both individually and collectively. Their footprints will forever leave a legacy. 

While March is known as a time to celebrate these amazing, historical women, there are women who are fashioning our future history right this very moment that we want to recognize. These are the women that are setting new trends, blazing new trails, and igniting the spark in women across the world right before our very eyes. These are the women who have inspired us along the way by continuing to #PressforProgress in all they do. 

Carolina Herrera 

Fashion would not have been the same without the ever so elegant Carolina Herrera. Being of Venezuelan decent, the style icon has dressed Jackie O., Michelle Obama, along with many celebrities and influential women. She has also done extensive charity work. While she may have taken a step back (don't you dare say retired) after showcasing her Fall 2018 collection, Carolina Herrera continues to be a living inspiration for many women both on the fashion and humanitarian front. 


Entering a world where there is no representation would be hard for just about anyone, but yogi and body-positivity blogger and influencer Jessamyn Stanley doesn't let that stop her. Debunking any preconceived notions of what a woman who practices yoga is and looks like, Jessamyn is inspiring women all over the world to embrace their curves, love themselves unconditionally, and do what they love to do on no one else's terms but their own. 

Tammy Duckworth

While we are on the forefront of realizing that representation does indeed matter, Tammy Duckworth is already making history with many career firsts: first female double amputee in the war; the first Asian American to represent Illinois in Washington; the first member of Congress born in Thailand; and now more recently, the first Senator who will give birth while in office when she has her second child this spring. The Senator continues to fight for women, men, families and we find that very inspiring. 

Mindy Grossman

If Curves with Purpose founder, Nancy, could have dinner with anyone alive, she would probably choose Mindy Grossman and it is easy to see why. Mindy has bucked the traditional norms expected of women and struck out to make her mark on a world run by men. To say she has accomplished that would be misleading. She has blown the lid off the pot and blazed her way into history while simultaneously opening doors for many women to enter positions that could have only been a mere dream before. 

Malala Yousafzai

No list of influential women would be complete without a mention of the thought-provoking powerhouse that is Malala Yousafzai. Beating the odds set against her, Malala continues to fight for the rights of women to obtain an education and continues to inspire women all over the world to fight for what they believe in as well.  

We hope that you find your inspiration on International Women's Day! 


The Curves with Purpose Team 

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